The World's Most Desirable Guys In Pictures

Computer says... actor Jake Gyllenhaal has what it takes to be most women's Mr Right.
Matt Damon. Ok, so just forget about that lovely wife and child of his and he's perfect.
Jude Law. Yes, he's got kids, but he's single now and still devastingly good looking.
Ben Affleck. Not quite perfect - at least, not with wife and daughter in tow - but you can't have everything.
Pierce Brosnan. He's certainly got the looks and the charm. Pity he's married too.
Daniel Craig. Blond, but still pretty damn good.
Surfer Zane Harrison
Socceroos player Lucas Neill
Actor Jesse Spencer
David Beckham. There's plenty of women who would love Becks to ditch Posh.
George Clooney. Perfect in every way?
Brad Pitt. We know Angelina thinks Brad is perfect. We agree!
Ed Burns
Bruce Willis. Bald but still cooler than ever.

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